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Data Management (PDM)

OK- you've been creating and using files for years. All files - SE, Office, ACAD... 
       ...and now you need to manage them? Agreed!!

INSIGHT defines the interaction of products: Solid Edge and SharePoint. The technology allows you to interact with server-based SharePoint and SQL Server, running on a Windows Server setup.

Users will be able to vault (check out/in) files from a managed area on the server, route them through a design change process - with no change to their correct workflow!

All users can view and manage the database via a web-based interface that's attractive, easy and - best of all- already available through your browser!

This PDM solution is powerful, easy to use and affordable. Breit Ideas will install and configure the solution for your company and address the needs of IT, Design and Mangement groups.

Download INSIGHT installation details

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