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What is Synchronous Technology anyways?

It's a new technology that allows you to model from the geometry, not just create and manage features.  You can literally select faces, edges or regions of the model and "mold" the design from the part, instead of sketching the shapes and adding or subtracting from the part as needed. This results in a "history-free" model that's easier and faster to build, and more importantly - much easier to change.

Why use Synchronous Technology?

Simple. Changes happen without a history investigation of the model... any model... any CAD system... any user. You can change the model like you're thinking of changing it.
ie: "I just want to select that area and move it this far... Literally."

What are the Benefits of Synchronous Technology?

ECO's that used to take far too much time and effort are now done in a fraction of the time. That translates into less time and money. 

Is this a familiar scenario for you?
   "Our best customer send us models from another CAD system and I spend most of time converting the file, then trying to fix it, and then end up rebuilding it,  when I'm supposed to be using it to design my parts."  SE/ST gives you the ability to change that model/assembly as if you had just built it yourself.  FIND OUT MORE!                                

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