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Assembly Design

Let's take design and assembly to the next level...or even advance several levels!

Synchronous Assemblies are really the essence of assembly design processes...why?

A user has the ability to assemble in traditional, synchronous and combined modes.  Each brings the user a set of tools to make assembly and assembly design intuitive and adaptive to your workflow.  Traditional assembly has all
the current tools and benefits of the best large assembly design and management package in the industry.  Synchronous assembly tools offer the user the ability to truly design in context of the assembly.  ST tools available
in the design phase are also used in assembly design, and the ability to change multiple parts simultaneously from within the assembly file offers the designer the best method to design and modify their parts.  Parts that share features have never been easier to design and change without the guess-work or "will the holes be aligned" or "will the parts assemble correctly?" questions.

"Can I use both traditional and St models in my
  assembly file?"

Yes! You can assemble and change both file types in an assembly file just as you do now.

What's in it for me?

ST assemblies allow you to design, change and re-design your components without the need to leave the assembly - yet still allow you to see and accept the change and it's impact on your assembly. It's truly assembly-centric.

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