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Part Modeling

OK- you've heard the word SYNCHRONOUS and how it's all new and easy, yet powerful and it's the new paradigm for CAD design...

It's true!... and you're correct to think that this is the direction of future CAD.

But what makes this so good?

In brief - Synchronous Technology (ST) gives you the ability to design and modify using the geometry itself - hence the term "history free".

A traditional feature has history: plane, profile, extent...used to define the resulting surfaces that make up the shape you've added or removed. A change often requires the user to investigate the feature history to make that change. If the author built a slightly unreliable model - even the simplest of changes, additions and any modifications can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive.

 An ST model is created by sketch - defined regions that are guided into protrusions or cutouts by a smart modeling tool called the "Steering Wheel". Then the user can modify the model by literally selecting faces, features or both and simply placing the selected volume where they intend it to go- no part/feature investigation needed.

What does this mean for you?    

Models are created and changed in a fraction of the time compared to previous methods, regardless of creation method or order. Less time required for change results in more time for design, and fewer dollars to get it done. That's called WIN/WIN  

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