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Solid Edge Training
     .... the training solution for Solid Edge users - providing the best implementation of Solid Edge into your business.   

Transitioning to

To use Synchronous Technology (ST) effectively, you'll want to transition, or adapt your design workflow and/or methods from our current "traditional" approach to a ST design approach. Using a logical flow that many use everyday to get their work done, we'll train
on the transition of your thoughts and design habits from traditional to hybrid, and then to a ST design workflow. You'll see that you can then move between the three modes easily, and get the design done, and then changed far easier than before. 

Can I use SE ST as I currently use V20?  

                 Yes- you can design, model, assemble and detail just as
              you have been to date.


             Can I open previous versions of SE files in ST without conversion?                                                

              Yes- ST will open all previous files in a traditional design mode.

              I'm new to SE, but not new to 3D CAD. Can I learn these new tools without a big change to
              my innate design habits?

                Yes - SE ST was built to allow current users with any amount of CAD knowledge to move forward with their designs -
              both in traditional and now ST Design modes. ST has a myriad of tools built in to help with interface and design tools. 

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